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Deep thoughts (space)

Deep thoughts about space

Space the final frontier, the most unknown place apart from the deepest ocean. With millions of light years away, it is unknow what we can find, other life, resources, nothing.

Aliens can be anything that is not from this planet, it could be as small as a bunch of cells or as big as dinosaurs. The Alien life could be our friend or our foe, what ever the outcome is, humans are one of a kind.

Everyone on this planet is spinning in the solar system round and round, what if the earth just stopped spinning, then what? The earth as well is getting hotter and hotter what happens when the earth is too hot to live on or we run out of basic resources eg oil, coal ect, do we live on the moon, Mars or one of Saturns’ moons – Titan?

Space is a scary place. These are my main thoughts about space. 🌌

Random thoughts (Watermelon)

Watermelon is the best fruit ever. It is succulent, flavourful and juicy!!!

92% of watermelon is water which makes it even better, you’re technically eating water. It cools you down on a hot day and quenches your thirst.  Everythingwatermelon drink about watermelons I love, apart from one thing; watermelon drink!

I don’t like this beverage as it is too strong and not like the real thing. I think there is too much sugar also.

Watermelon is still the best. 🍉🍉🍉