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My life in Macaroons

My life in Macaroons

I love Macaroons, so much that I got loads of little macaroon merchandises for christmas!!! If you do not know what they are, Macaroon s are a french desert that are made out of almonds and are one of the hardest things to bake. However I attempted to bake them with rose-water and butter cream centre.

When making Macaroons you have to be careful not to over whisk the mixture then it will come out lumpy. with that being said you also don’t want to under whisk them. You need to get it just right. 👍. As you may have figured out I like baking but, Macaroons are surely one of the best foods to bake and eat. I love them because they taste so nice and look absolutely wonderful.

Here is a link to the bbc food sight, this link is a recipe on how to make macaroons