My take on Marble cupcakes

On the weekend I decided to make cupcakes. But I was really bored so instead I made marble cupcakes that takes longer. First I made a simple vanillapriya-cake mixture. In order to make them, before you put it in oven you have to split the mixture and add melted to chocolate to one of the mixtures. After the bake it was nice and flat, perfect to put buttercream on! So I did and it looked so tasty. So tasty that I only have one left.

Holiday Puzzles

For Christmas I got many things, one of them is a Star Wars 1000 piece puzzle. I was excited as soon as I saw it and attempted to finish it on that day. Some time later I heard  the song of Let it Go and immediately ran to watch the movie, Frozen.  All thoughts of the puzzle went out of my head….


All the progress we made (which was not much) was destroyed as we cleared the table. My family and I have now been working on the puzzle for about 20 days and we still haven’t finished it!!! However we have made wonderful progress and it is nearly done. I estimate we will finish it by February- hopefully sooner!!!

Hello Berlin !

I’m finally in Berlin and it is amazing. I think that the city is very trendy and is extremely historic. Checkpoint Charlie is very close to where we are staying and is an interesting tourist attraction now.

checkpoint    Last night I arrived in Berlin and went straight to a Christmas market, but not the one with the terrorist attack. I only found out about the attack when we returned to the hotel room and watched German Television. For dinner I ate a bratwurst, a crepe and a bit of KFC to finish it off! The Christmas market was very festive and  had wonderful stalls.

On the second day (20th December) I traveled on a hop -on and hop -off bus around the city, it was very  educational. We got off and on nearly at every stop until I became very hungry: we got off at a massive shopping centre. Across the road, there was another big market. For lunch I ate a delicious chicken wrap. Street food is really cool in

Building starting with a r

Berlin and you know what you are getting. On our way back we saw the German Parliament building ( called some silly name that begins with the letter R): it had a huge glass roof. After that we saw a part of the Berlin wall which had a trendy design on it. The bus had unbelievably cheesy music that in a way was catchy. When we got off the bus for the final time we walked to our hotel, sat down and ate crisps.  I’m going to relax for a bit before we go out again.

Did I say, its really cold here as well!

Part of Berlin Wall

What time is my flight to Berlin?

I’m sitting in the airport thinking what to do for the next hour or so. My dad decided to go to the airport earlier than we should of, now we are both sitting bored out of our brains. So I thought why not do something and share my boredom with everyone else!heathrow.jpg


Outside is cold, wet and windy and all I can see is baby trucks pulling luggage along the runway. Besides the wetness and gloomy state of today my flight leaves at 2:30 (I think). Leaving me another hour until I am airborne.

We tried a chicken burger at Leon and awesome waffle fries they were really tasty however that was 3 hours before our flight and we would probably be hungry by the time we got on the aeroplane. So to not to make our stomachs rumble  we bought some minstrels and crisps.

I will be blogging from Berlin next time!



Christmas is finally here!!! I’m so happy as it is the best time of year. It is known all around the world and is celebrated in different ways. In my family we open our presents then have Christmas dinner, usually we watch a movie (mainly Elf) then play a board game. This year I am not sure what I want for Christmas, however my brother does!


The reason I think Christmas is the best time of year is because I get to spend time with the family and eat lots of food. This year I finished school earlier than my brother and the rest of my friends, that is one of the reasons I’m going to Berlin – Germany. When I go to Germany I will be visiting the Christmas markets to buy gifts for my mother, as well as seeing the city.

My Christmas decorations in my house are okay ( that is in my opinion). In my home there is a 7 foot Christmas tree and in another room there is a small 5 foot one. They are both fake as we reuse them every year. We have a few other decorations, however we aren’t having Christmas day in my house so there only for my family’s pleasure.

This is how I celebrate Christmas and my house decorations. I really excited and looking forward to Christmas and I can’t wait to open all my presents.

My try on caramel

On the weekend my mother and I tried to make caramel. It was an interesting experience as I may of burnt it (I did). I was longing to make it for weeks, however  we didn’t have time as we were busy.caramel.jpg

Caramel is boiled sugar (I know it doesn’t sound nice but it is) you have to boil it on a high heat then when it starts to bubble move the pan in a circle. If it is a golden brown colour then you have done better than me.

I will try caramel again but for know I will try and enjoy my burnt one, but for now I will buy it in the shops. any suggestions how to make it better.



Indian Wedding

indain-wedOne Saturday in July my family and I went to my Dad’s home town for an Indian Gujerati wedding reception (I had no idea what it was). We ate; I felt ill; drank non-alcoholic drinks and took silly photos!

At three ‘o’ clock after traveling for two hours and being absolutely shattered: we finally got there and walked in to the main entrance and I was surprised to see loads of unfamiliar faces. We said hello to those we knew and those that approached us. My Dad said hello to dozens of people that I had never met; however I did recognize a few people, including my Ma and Dada (grandma and granddad). After chatting we were escorted into a colossal dining hall where we would eat dinner.

We were allocated to our tables and talked to more relatives. After calling my Dad five times to sit down (because he was still chatting), we ate starters: cassava chips; spicy paneer; red chicken and prawns. Most of the food was disgusting and I only really liked the cassava chips, all the other foods were horrible! The prawn tasted like the sea, and the chicken was too hot and tasted tangy, although most wedding food is like that. I really do prefer my Mum’s paneer!

After dinner, we gathered some of my Dad’s uncles and cousins and took some photos in a free photo booth: we put on some funny hats and props – also we got the photo free!

It was around 8pm and as we had a long drive back home, we decided to leave the party early. I also didn’t feel very well, because of the horrible food.

Overall it the wedding was ok the food could have been sooo much better and the dining hall was really hot so they could have had air conditioning.


Why I started blogging

I want to start blogging because I want to be a journalist when I grow up. This  blog will help me achieve my dreams. For me it is fun to write blogs and stories. The aim of ‘Growing Up Scribbles’ is for me to write things about my life and other people to comment on it. I love writing and have found that I am really good at it. Watching  the news in the morning has inspired me to start writing and be a journalist.

I enjoy playing football and (hopefully) will be able to write about the match every week? I also like to travel a lot so maybe that will be included in the bundle of thoughts that will be in the blog. I will include about my day to day life and my thoughts on new things and old things.