What did I think of..

I love watching movies and I was lucky enough to watch Jumanji on its release day which was on 20th December 2017.   I went with my friend from school who is a big fan of Kevin Hart. I like The Rock because his movies are action packed and funny.   Jumanji is a sequel... Continue Reading →

Travelling to Chicago!!!

Seeing as I have a week off school for half term, my family and I are spending a week in Chicago. A went a few years ago and saw that Chicago is a beautiful modern city with helpful and kind locals. We went on a river boat tour and did lots of walking around the... Continue Reading →

My travels in Malaysia

I recently got back from Malaysia where I stayed for just under 2 weeks. I originally flew to Kuala Lumpur and got a connecting flight to a beautiful island called Langkawi. Langkawi is a stunning island that is covered by lush rainforest. I was lucky enough to stay in the rainforest and I saw loads... Continue Reading →

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