My favourite books

I love reading and do it every day ( thanks to my school 👍) . I have to admit one of my favourite books is The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson. This book is great as it is a thrilling and cunning adventure of a mouse. Although being aimed at 3-6 year olds I still love […]

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As a girl, why I play football

Right now in England, women football players have been recognized more often and more young women football clubs have opened. For instance the club I play for only opened last year and is new to the FA league.  One of the main reasons why I think playing in an only girl team is that there […]

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My life in Macaroons

I love Macaroons, so much that I got loads of little macaroon merchandises for christmas!!! If you do not know what they are, Macaroon s are a french desert that are made out of almonds and are one of the hardest things to bake. However I attempted to bake them with rose-water and butter cream […]

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My take on Marble cupcakes

On the weekend I decided to make cupcakes. But I was really bored so instead I made marble cupcakes that takes longer. First I made a simple vanilla mixture. In order to make them, before you put it in oven you have to split the mixture and add melted to chocolate to one of the […]

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Holiday Puzzles

For Christmas I got many things, one of them is a Star Wars 1000 piece puzzle. I was excited as soon as I saw it and attempted to finish it on that day. Some time later I heard  the song of Let it Go and immediately ran to watch the movie, Frozen.  All thoughts of […]

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Hello Berlin !

I’m finally in Berlin and it is amazing. I think that the city is very trendy and is extremely historic. Checkpoint Charlie is very close to where we are staying and is an interesting tourist attraction now.     Last night I arrived in Berlin and went straight to a Christmas market, but not the one […]

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Christmas is finally here!!! I’m so happy as it is the best time of year. It is known all around the world and is celebrated in different ways. In my family we open our presents then have Christmas dinner, usually we watch a movie (mainly Elf) then play a board game. This year I am […]

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