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Deep thoughts (space)

Deep thoughts about space

Space the final frontier, the most unknown place apart from the deepest ocean. With millions of light years away, it is unknow what we can find, other life, resources, nothing.

Aliens can be anything that is not from this planet, it could be as small as a bunch of cells or as big as dinosaurs. The Alien life could be our friend or our foe, what ever the outcome is, humans are one of a kind.

Everyone on this planet is spinning in the solar system round and round, what if the earth just stopped spinning, then what? The earth as well is getting hotter and hotter what happens when the earth is too hot to live on or we run out of basic resources eg oil, coal ect, do we live on the moon, Mars or one of Saturns’ moons – Titan?

Space is a scary place. These are my main thoughts about space. 🌌

Follow up

At school the day after the incident nothing was said. I think he was either taken to hospital, in custody or abducted by aliens….

Watch out for my next blog!!!

Police incident

Yesterday as I left school, I saw lots of police and ambulances. People had said there had been an accident, not with one of the students but a man, who got hit by a car.

People on the site claim that a man was hitting the cars and causing a disturbance, when he did so, he got run over by a car. Witnesses called the ambulance and the police. Many people said that he was crazy or drunk however those are just rumors. The next day everything was clean and there was no evidence  left outside of the school from the previous day. There has been no word on any social media or news site as of yet. If I find out more I will post again.

Random thoughts (Watermelon)

Watermelon is the best fruit ever. It is succulent, flavourful and juicy!!!

92% of watermelon is water which makes it even better, you’re technically eating water. It cools you down on a hot day and quenches your thirst.  Everythingwatermelon drink about watermelons I love, apart from one thing; watermelon drink!

I don’t like this beverage as it is too strong and not like the real thing. I think there is too much sugar also.

Watermelon is still the best. 🍉🍉🍉

Travel vaccinations warning!!!

On Monday the 24th of April I had my travel vaccinations ✈️, seeing as at the end of July I’m going to Malaysia I needed to have the vaccinations. This is a first time since I was 5 that I had ever had them and was a little bit nervous. All is ok because it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. However the aftermath is great, my left arm really aches and is stiff. I can’t move it above shoulder height!! So to all those who are getting travel vaccinations be careful the next day, and take paracetamol if needed!!!

My favourite books

I love reading and do it every day ( thanks to my school 👍) . I have to admit one of my favourite books is The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson. This book is great as it is a thrilling and cunning adventure of a mouse. Although being aimed at 3-6 year olds I still loGruffalove it.

Like many people I like the Divergent series, by Veronica Roth as it gives a sense of action and transports me into another world. I do like Malala’s book on her life as it is a true story and mesmerizing to read what happened to her as it shows how she over came the challenges in her life.

Out of those 3 books I have to say The Gruffalo is my favourite book as it always puts a smile on my face.

As a girl, why I play football

Right now in England, women football players have been recognized more often and more young women football clubs have opened.

For instance the club I play for only opened last year and is new to the FA league.  One of the main reasons why I think playing in aEngland v Belarus - Women's World Cup Qualifiern only girl team is that there aren’t boys who think we can not play (not everyone is like but I have meant people who are). It is important to get everyone involved with a sport, especially if they love playing it.  Football is important to me because I enjoy playing it and love scoring goals.

From a young age I started  playing football with the boys. There was only a boy’s team at school, but now there is our  girls team. Its also nice to see that the women’s England team are doing better than the men 😆.

Why I think having a PE book is unnecessary

Recently I received a school book for PE. I looked at the teacher (when it was handed to me) and asked if this was a real book. And it is, it definitely is.

One reason I think they are unnecessary is because PE stands for physical education, how are you getting fitter if you are writing in a book about how to do ‘starjumps’ ( just an example). In many ways people enjoy PE as you don’t have to do any writing, however when you have a PE book you do!

Another important reason is homework not related to PE at all! I remember that one of my PE homework’s were to do a paragraph about this place that got bombed, it had nothing to do with PE! In many ways it is easy to get detention as when you pack your bag and see you have PE my immediate thought is not my book!

This concludes my argument why I think they are unnecessary. Maybe you have a different opinion but that is my view (it has to be a good reason why PE books are good otherwise I will not accept it).

My life in Macaroons

My life in Macaroons

I love Macaroons, so much that I got loads of little macaroon merchandises for christmas!!! If you do not know what they are, Macaroon s are a french desert that are made out of almonds and are one of the hardest things to bake. However I attempted to bake them with rose-water and butter cream centre.

When making Macaroons you have to be careful not to over whisk the mixture then it will come out lumpy. with that being said you also don’t want to under whisk them. You need to get it just right. 👍. As you may have figured out I like baking but, Macaroons are surely one of the best foods to bake and eat. I love them because they taste so nice and look absolutely wonderful.

Here is a link to the bbc food sight, this link is a recipe on how to make macaroons