Travelling to Chicago!!!

Seeing as I have a week off school for half term, my family and I are spending a week in Chicago. A went a few years ago and saw that Chicago is a beautiful modern city with helpful and kind locals. We went on a river boat tour and did lots of walking around the […]

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My travels in Malaysia

I recently got back from Malaysia where I stayed for just under 2 weeks. I originally flew to Kuala Lumpur and got a connecting flight to a beautiful island called Langkawi. Langkawi is a stunning island that is covered by lush rainforest. I was lucky enough to stay in the rainforest and I saw loads […]

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Deep thoughts (space)

Deep thoughts about space Space the final frontier, the most unknown place apart from the deepest ocean. With millions of light years away, it is unknow what we can find, other life, resources, nothing. Aliens can be anything that is not from this planet, it could be as small as a bunch of cells or […]

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Follow up

At school the day after the incident nothing was said. I think he was either taken to hospital, in custody or abducted by aliens…. Watch out for my next blog!!!

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Police incident

Yesterday as I left school, I saw lots of police and ambulances. People had said there had been an accident, not with one of the students but a man, who got hit by a car. People on the site claim that a man was hitting the cars and causing a disturbance, when he did so, […]

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Random thoughts (Watermelon)

Watermelon is the best fruit ever. It is succulent, flavourful and juicy!!! 92% of watermelon is water which makes it even better, you’re technically eating water. It cools you down on a hot day and quenches your thirst.  Everything about watermelons I love, apart from one thing; watermelon drink! I don’t like this beverage as it […]

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My favourite books

I love reading and do it every day ( thanks to my school 👍) . I have to admit one of my favourite books is The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson. This book is great as it is a thrilling and cunning adventure of a mouse. Although being aimed at 3-6 year olds I still love […]

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As a girl, why I play football

Right now in England, women football players have been recognized more often and more young women football clubs have opened. For instance the club I play for only opened last year and is new to the FA league.  One of the main reasons why I think playing in an only girl team is that there […]

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