Hello Berlin !

I’m finally in Berlin and it is amazing. I think that the city is very trendy and is extremely historic. Checkpoint Charlie is very close to where we are staying and is an interesting tourist attraction now.

checkpoint    Last night I arrived in Berlin and went straight to a Christmas market, but not the one with the terrorist attack. I only found out about the attack when we returned to the hotel room and watched German Television. For dinner I ate a bratwurst, a crepe and a bit of KFC to finish it off! The Christmas market was very festive and  had wonderful stalls.

On the second day (20th December) I traveled on a hop -on and hop -off bus around the city, it was very  educational. We got off and on nearly at every stop until I became very hungry: we got off at a massive shopping centre. Across the road, there was another big market. For lunch I ate a delicious chicken wrap. Street food is really cool in

Building starting with a r

Berlin and you know what you are getting. On our way back we saw the German Parliament building ( called some silly name that begins with the letter R): it had a huge glass roof. After that we saw a part of the Berlin wall which had a trendy design on it. The bus had unbelievably cheesy music that in a way was catchy. When we got off the bus for the final time we walked to our hotel, sat down and ate crisps.  I’m going to relax for a bit before we go out again.

Did I say, its really cold here as well!

Part of Berlin Wall

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