What time is my flight to Berlin?

I’m sitting in the airport thinking what to do for the next hour or so. My dad decided to go to the airport earlier than we should of, now we are both sitting bored out of our brains. So I thought why not do something and share my boredom with everyone else!heathrow.jpg


Outside is cold, wet and windy and all I can see is baby trucks pulling luggage along the runway. Besides the wetness and gloomy state of today my flight leaves at 2:30 (I think). Leaving me another hour until I am airborne.

We tried a chicken burger at Leon and awesome waffle fries they were really tasty however that was 3 hours before our flight and we would probably be hungry by the time we got on the aeroplane. So to not to make our stomachs rumble  we bought some minstrels and crisps.

I will be blogging from Berlin next time!

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