Christmas is finally here!!! I’m so happy as it is the best time of year. It is known all around the world and is celebrated in different ways. In my family we open our presents then have Christmas dinner, usually we watch a movie (mainly Elf) then play a board game. This year I am not sure what I want for Christmas, however my brother does!


The reason I think Christmas is the best time of year is because I get to spend time with the family and eat lots of food. This year I finished school earlier than my brother and the rest of my friends, that is one of the reasons I’m going to Berlin – Germany. When I go to Germany I will be visiting the Christmas markets to buy gifts for my mother, as well as seeing the city.

My Christmas decorations in my house are okay ( that is in my opinion). In my home there is a 7 foot Christmas tree and in another room there is a small 5 foot one. They are both fake as we reuse them every year. We have a few other decorations, however we aren’t having Christmas day in my house so there only for my family’s pleasure.

This is how I celebrate Christmas and my house decorations. I really excited and looking forward to Christmas and I can’t wait to open all my presents.

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  1. Hi Priya, I really like your writing style and I am looking forward to reading all about your trip to Germany. Hope to see you on Christmas Eve. Tina x


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