My try on caramel

On the weekend my mother and I tried to make caramel. It was an interesting experience as I may of burnt it (I did). I was longing to make it for weeks, however  we didn’t have time as we were busy.caramel.jpg

Caramel is boiled sugar (I know it doesn’t sound nice but it is) you have to boil it on a high heat then when it starts to bubble move the pan in a circle. If it is a golden brown colour then you have done better than me.

I will try caramel again but for know I will try and enjoy my burnt one, but for now I will buy it in the shops. any suggestions how to make it better.



One thought on “My try on caramel

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  1. Maybe try to boil it the way you melt chocolate so that its not in direct contact with the stove. Put a pan of boiling water on the stove then the sugar in a bowl on top. Not sure if that would work but it works for melting chocolate without burning it.


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