Indian Wedding

indain-wedOne Saturday in July my family and I went to my Dad’s home town for an Indian Gujerati wedding reception (I had no idea what it was). We ate; I felt ill; drank non-alcoholic drinks and took silly photos!

At three ‘o’ clock after traveling for two hours and being absolutely shattered: we finally got there and walked in to the main entrance and I was surprised to see loads of unfamiliar faces. We said hello to those we knew and those that approached us. My Dad said hello to dozens of people that I had never met; however I did recognize a few people, including my Ma and Dada (grandma and granddad). After chatting we were escorted into a colossal dining hall where we would eat dinner.

We were allocated to our tables and talked to more relatives. After calling my Dad five times to sit down (because he was still chatting), we ate starters: cassava chips; spicy paneer; red chicken and prawns. Most of the food was disgusting and I only really liked the cassava chips, all the other foods were horrible! The prawn tasted like the sea, and the chicken was too hot and tasted tangy, although most wedding food is like that. I really do prefer my Mum’s paneer!

After dinner, we gathered some of my Dad’s uncles and cousins and took some photos in a free photo booth: we put on some funny hats and props – also we got the photo free!

It was around 8pm and as we had a long drive back home, we decided to leave the party early. I also didn’t feel very well, because of the horrible food.

Overall it the wedding was ok the food could have been sooo much better and the dining hall was really hot so they could have had air conditioning.


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